Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The area between the backside of my barn, and the road was sold a few years ago to the farmer who bought the farm land originally part of this farmstead. He doesn't live anywhere around me. He has a pole barn in the field next to my house. To house his farm equipment. We don't get along so well. Sometimes my animals get out as animals will. Bad fence, bad animals! Normally when I am not home.he threatens to shoot them. I threaten to shoot him, no not out loud. ANYway, no love lost. Now I wish I had shot him! No really! Below are pictures of the mass destruction taking place. I am just sick. This is a creek wet land area good for nothing except what it is. Creek wetland. Helps prevent top soil erosion. There is a 400 acre of farm land, then the small hillsides that go down into the creek and the road. It's GONE. This buffer of land and trees, scrubs, weeds, bushes, marshy stuff gone! He can't really farm it except maybe a couple of acres. So much destruction. For what?

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