Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Time piece

Every old farm has at least a few ghost from days gone by. Still lingering about mostly over looked. Below are a few I see daily. When I come in the very old picket fence gate to my yard, there is an old boot scrap buried just to the right. Somebody put it there. It's just an old hand forged piece of iron. To scrape your muddy boots on. I'm sure the farm wife was glad to have it.

At the garage ( old carriage shed) the latch that let's you in is probably as old as the shed fits 2 cars! The latch has a small wooden piece whittled into a wedge attached to a chain that fits between the latch and the door. It keeps the doors tight so they don't blow in the wind!

There is a mail box located just outside the picket fence. The original mail box from long ago. The folks that lived here before me were elderly. The post man delivered the mail right to there door. Almost!

At the base of the mailbox there are some old iron horse shoes, just tossed there. Many many years ago. I know they are very very old they were made for draft horses. It's one of the pleasures of living on an old farmstead sometimes you discover pieces of history. It's always fun to find them they always make me smile!

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