Friday, April 12, 2013

Time goes fast!

I know it's been a while since last post so here is a fast catch up on what's happening at the farm! Living room is almost done! We are currently working on library. Painting, painting, and more.

During all this was my spring break. And on the last day, Ellie came to live with us. She is a pound puppy. She is a mix of some sort. We're not sure maybe some jack Russell in their somewhere. She is VERY shy and has lived most of her 9 months in the shelter. We at this point are just trying to gain her trust. Lucky loves her! She is a bit bigger then he is. But of course he doesn't know it! It's been a week today, and she is slowly coming round. It's a joy to our hearts to see her progress with trust.

Spring is teasing us with high temps and sun one day, cold and rainy the next.
But ill take the rain, all we can get.

Lots of people ( farmers) tearing out trees around here! It really gets to me. However one day on my home from work I did see a new home, actually planting trees! There is hope!

After getting the house back in shape from the furnace mishap, I will be starting back in at the shop. This makes me very happy as my daughter has agreed to come home and be my partner! She is super talented. Together I feel a success coming our way! Ok so time to leave you with some pix of all the above mentioned stuff! Enjoy till next time.

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