Sunday, February 17, 2013

Geothermal !

See that very pretty cat. You might not be able to tell but her normally bright white fur, has a bit of grey grungy look. See those new curtains behind her? Same thing. I'd been noticing everything seemed to be just a little dirtier then normal. Ugh February grey skies! Nope I changed the furnace filter! Ahha! On to something here. Nope one week later eeeeek new filter was completely black. Uh oh. , something wrong with the oil furnace. Yep it had been spewing out the nasty dirty black oily yucky stuff. Yep has to be replaced . So we are thinking geothermal. Sounds like the way to go. I keep thinking, or I could buy a new vw or move to Australia ect.... But the fact is it will be such an amazing up grade no fuel oil bill, can't imagine. I can have white walls, I can have heat on in the mudroom, in the addition , gosh I can have heat in my bedroom. Yep up grades are nice. There will be dust, strange men, large equipment , holes cut into 100 year old plaster. But I'm likin the idea! So does lyla she likes her white to be pristine!

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