Friday, February 8, 2013

February blah!

So some friends and I took a trip to ikea, what fun! On a February day! So for less then the price of a fancy dinner, I got new curtains. Just a little pick me up for the month of nothing! No nothing really wrong with the old ones. Ill keep them for another day. I forgot the before pics of the big window, but got the ones of the little window . Yep time for change. No your not seeing things that's a sunflower yellow on the walls .Another nod to yucky grey Indiana winter. And yep I'm lovin the new ones. Also a before and after what a difference a shower curtain can make!

The other pics are of Rufus the cat and lucky. Everyone went on a walk to the back field yesterday. It was a warm day. They are playing there favorite game. Chase and tree climbing! Don't worry they really do love this game. I mean no one can make a cat go on a walk if he wishes not to!

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