Saturday, December 15, 2012


Yesterday, we went to Ikea, we had so much fun doing a little shopping, then we were going to go downtown cincy maybe target? But Ikea won out. It was a nice sunny day......while inside watching on of their tvs Will said "looks like there's been another school shooting". Uhhhhh. We finished our shopping . We went out loaded our car, then on the way out of the parking lot, we noticed the huge flags in front of the store were at half mass? What????? Then we turned on the  elementary school....where.......CT.......20 can this be......

I had a very bad headache will made soup we watched the news........sleep was hard to find.
This morning I made my coffee, fed the birds, I am a teacher, my daughter is learning to be a teacher and works with young children. My best friend is a youth librarian almost all of my friends are some type of  educator....... This is too much for me for our children for all of us. Its this how our youth are acting out now? I hate this culture of violence.....I often say I live in my own little world. I don't see violence if it's on a movie or tv I close my eyes I try to avoid it at all cost....... I don't even want it somewhere in my brain.....I wish we could shield our children from it... Oh be careful little eyes what you see for the father up above is looking down with love oh be careful little eyes what you see. A verse from a song we sing at preschool. I am so mad we all should be outraged. I watched Pearse Morgan last night I agree with everything he said......... I will find some tiny bit of peace this morning just watching the birds.........because the real world has gone mad.

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