Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kitchen window!

The above is a sunset picture out of my kitchen window. I read a long time ago, somewhere that the kitchen window of old farm houses would face the largest field of the farm. This old farm house that I have the privilege to call home was once part of a 400 acre working farm.  And yes the kitchen window over the sink still looks out over a very large field. I have often wondered who and what she thought looking out over these fields. Preparing dinners for her husband being able to see him working the fields. During threshing times how that must have been preparing meals for all of those hungry men.

My closest neighbors house sits almost directly opposite of my house. The houses are almost mirror images of each other. Her kitchen window faces the opposite direction of mine. And yep it faces the largest field on their farm .At one point in time there was a road that traveled between the two houses. Now it's just us back here at the end of a dead end road. There are a lot of tale tell signs here at the farm of days gone by some from many many many years ago hundred years ago.....and some of just last year or ten years ago when my daughter who is 21 was living here. Growth marks on the barn door, used horse shoes piled neatly in a stack that were never put back on her horse.....bulbs planted some I've planted some thoses before me. Sometimes I look right over these things sometimes they catch my I and I remember or wonder? Well it was a beautiful  sunset this evening.  

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