Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Well here we are Christmas eve. I've got the crud, the yucky stuff, cough, yucky nose ect....but as they say the show must go on. The Christmas party at school was awesome as always. We had a thunderstorm that morning, lost power for about an hour. Our kids were so excited. The day before I got to school early and was able to go into the sanctuary by myself....I turned on the tree....the church was silent. It was truly what I needed just a few moments of peace before all the hoopla started. A special moment to help keep me through the next few days. It worked.

Iam not ready....are we ever...?  I Finnished my daughters gift last night... She was home over the weekend. It was so nice to see her if only for a little while. We are trying to put our old VHS movies onto CDs . We watched a few of them we cried together her first few christmases ...oh I love those videos it has been so long I had forgotten what was on them, it was so perfect to have her here by herself to watch a few. It was the best gift ever.

Merry Christmas to you yes I believe it is different this year we love our children so more words . Enjoy your families.

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