Tuesday, July 8, 2014


One if the most special things about this farm is the trees! Not just any but the very very old, very very huge trees. They provide wonderful shade and accent the farm in a way only old trees can. Today we lost another huge branch of one today. Luckily it was early in the day and I could get someone right away to come and bring it the rest of the way down so no one would get hurt. Farm camp starts on Monday ! And why always before a holiday weekend do I need the services of a professional? Thank god it wasn't the vet this time! So now this brings the crucial question to my mind again. Do I have them cut down? I am sure they are all around the same age. It's very expensive to have this done. Not to mention the replacement trees I would like to have. But I know I won't live long enough to see them to this size. Someone who ever it was when this house was built over a 100 + years ago planted these trees. Silver maples. I am thankful for it. It will so change this farm when they come down.

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