Friday, July 18, 2014

Little lessons

Well one thing I've learned over the years, restoring this 100+ farmhouse is this .... Please Sharon look at how much you've done ( progress) not at what you still have to do! This can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. 

And with starting my newest project I must remember this even more. I've started my largest project for the summer  of 2014 I have about 38 of almost 400 pickets on my picket fence painted. With the siding done a couple of years ago it's time I tackled this one myself. I don't have a lot of cash this summer. ( not that I ever do ) but this project had the capability to truly make an impact of the look for the whole farm. With farm camp being over, the mega yard sale over, the mega cleaning of barn and out buildings being simi over. Well it's time. The weather has been so nice. Next week threateneds to be hot! So why not. Here goes nothing ! Did I forget to say some of said fence is covered in poison ivy? Perhaps this is why it had taken so long to start this project. I got the paint right after school was out thinking I'd do it a little each day. No didn't happen so here are some pictures I'll keep you posted. I did the little gate this morning, and getting ready to go out and try to get another section done before noon. Have a wonderful week end friends !

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