Thursday, June 26, 2014

Just an ordinary day

Yep just an ordinary day, catch the horse, take off grazing mask, put on halter , say something nice to your horse briefly mention the words glue and factory , so she knows you mean business if she doesn't go in, load the horse, open gate drive through, close gate drive to town,park truck unload horse, walk into vets clinic. Hand her over and watch. Yep first things first a little sumpin, sumpin for my sweetie to relax ! Wait a little bit then onto the power tools . Gotta keep those pearly whites in good order! See that large rope that is to winch her head up so he can work. Cause she is so drugged she can't hold her head up! That was just part of the fun oh no! We didn't even get outta there before the special ferrier put the princesses new very expensive new corrective shoes on her feet! And now she is home wearing her new shoes, feeling like a pampered ol lady who has been to town and woke up with a sparkling smile, and new shoes!

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