Friday, May 16, 2014

Cold and rainy day

It's Friday one of my days off. It again is a cold and rainy day. I am loving it. I've lived through 2 major droughts recently in my life. Enough to remember how horrible it was . I see daily on the news about the drought in the western half of our country. Devistating. I know that today I am having a day that they so desperately hope and long for. So while folks in this part of the country are ready for warmth and sunshine. I am enjoying this day to the fullist . A comfy spot on the sofa  with the pups. Next to the big window. Where I can see nothing but green! Weeds and all. I've only planted part of my garden. This year I am planting tons of sunflowers along the picket fence. The fence I will be painting when the sun shines again. While I miss the llamas terribly, I will be able to have some new plants around the fence that they would have eaten if they were still here. 

I am getting ready for the shop being open this week end again. Trying to not stress out over it. I'm reading one of my favorite books ( again ). I derive something from it new every time. So I will putter around today, here at the house clean off the desk ( dumping area) . Laundry and cleaning. Always there . Run some arrands. But for now I'll have a cup of coffee, enjoy the company and warmth of sleepy doggies, and a good book. Loving the extra shades of green out my window! 
Yep everyday sacred. Just like the book says! Enjoy your week end friends!

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