Sunday, May 25, 2014

Business on the farm

Wow what a busy time spring is! We have been dealing with laminitis with one of our horses. The good news is vet says she is responding very well to her meds and they have worked their magic ( the vet) on her feet! Was very traumatic in the beginning but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Chicks! We are going to try again! Lord help us all. We have purchased a 10x10 dog kennel to house them. We will have to electrify it! But it might be our solution. I don't know how people have kept chickens for so long. Preditory coon have been our demise in the past . 

So school is out. It's Memorial Day week end we are trying to play catch up with grass mowing, gardening, pool opening general clean up ect. But last night we had our first little fire in the pit and watched the sun set. Today we slept in and are taking a bike ride in a small town kinda close by. What's the point in working so hard if you don't take a little time to enjoy life? Good thing the days are longer! Enjoy your week end!

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