Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Little jenny wren

It happened again today. While here at home on a snow day. I fed the birds as usual. Came inside had my cup of coffee, sitting on the sofa by the big picture window. So I can enjoy watching the birds eat. Occasionally a bird will fly into the window. So I made big paper snowflakes and put them on the window. After Christmas . I didn't hear that aweful sound till today the sound of a bird hitting the window. The last time it happend it was one of those days during the polar vortex. I didn't see it till too late. But today I herd it. I put my boots on and went out carefully picked up the little bird and put her on the bench on the front porch. There is a soft blanket on the bench for Ellie when she wants to be outside. Then quickly went inside. She had come to in my hands she held her head up and was moving. Most times they take a while then fly away. I took a photo of her hard to see but she is there. I hope she flies away soon. 

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