Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fresh decorating

Ok well here it is, the end of February . And yes we are expecting ANOTHER snow storm. Oh how I do love the snow. If it's gonna be winter and it's gonna be cold might as well have something beautiful to look at. We have had almost all of the snow melt. Now it's just brown. And dang is it cold! My water pipe froze again last night. Fortunately I had just left the hair dryer down in the hole under the kitchen sink and all I had to do was plug it in . Yes I know how back woodsy that sounds. But while living in a charming old farm house ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

So while I was home on Monday avoiding going out into the cold. I got a little head start on spring cleaning. And I was thinking how I really needed something fresh ( like flowers) to liven things up around here. So I remembered the greens that came with my long gone valentine roses. I pulled them from there vase I had stuck them in and threw out the yucky ones. Rearranged them into another vase. Freshness and green!

Next the mantle a few old bottles and a few snips of my fern. Freshness and green! Funny how we can come with something to please ourselves . 

Next take down the Christmas wreathes from the front doors!  What about a new little spring wreath a grapevine from the back yard, some craft clothes pins, and seed packets. There you have it new spring wreath! All without leaving the house ! Hang on there friends spring is coming!

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