Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New glasses

Ok so I've made the jump. Got my new contacts and glasses. Only problem is I can't see. If I wear my contacts I can't see up close. Same with my glasses. Yep with my glasses I can look down to see under my glasses so I can see. Not so with my contacts. Not long ago Will came home with a beautiful cake from the store. I couldn't wait to try it. Yuck, after the first bite I looked at the container from the bakery. Yep right there on the label SUGAR FREE ! We had a good laugh about it and I said well make sure you read the label next time silly says all over it sugar free! So fast forward to this morning. I decided to make pancakes at school. The kids love this so much. So I stopped at the store to grab some syrup yes I know the fake stuff. Good enough for this mornings fare. No food critics in our class room. Sept me! Yuck one bite and I looked at the bottle SPLENDA Eeeeek! Good thing I got those new glasses hahaha! 

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