Friday, May 31, 2013

Using vintage in modern homes to decorate!

Our home is a rambling old farmhouse. With a new facelift, hardy board siding. A few new windows here and there. But pretty much same as she was when she was built. Inside is a fun fresh eclectic mix of decor! I am always surprised when visitors comment on the house. One of my favorite ways to incorporate vintage into my decor is to use things in a whole other way then it was intended. Such as the old wooden ironing board in the kitchen under a window, beside the fridge. I use this for many functions. To feed the cat so the dog won't eat her food. Space for a house plant, space for my random collection of mis matched cloth napkins, space to set your glass after filling it with ice while getting your beverage from the fridge, and a few old irons for giggles! Oh and a place for the cats to land coming in and out the window! I also use this window as a walk up window to deliver cold Popsicles to dripping swimsuit clad children. But the ironing board is a fun utility piece that ever so gently reminds me of days gone by and traditional woman's work!

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