Friday, January 18, 2013


Today I'm so grateful for the sunshine! Last night was a clear night. Looked like you could just touch the stars. But you couldn't cause it was just too cold to hang out for long. Last night Will and I did chores together, and on the way into the house we got the added benefit of a clear beautiful starry sky . It was only 645 I hope my families from school were able to view the sky as well. Yesterday we made the Big Dipper out of a tin can nail and hammer ! Well they loved using the hammer and nail the Big Dipper may have been lost on them not sure. But if they were to see it in the sky well they will get it at some point... But today is a very nice sunny cold day. But colder is coming so trying to get ready for it today and this week end. Enjoy it while we can!


  1. Gorgeous photos. Try to stay cozy this weekend.

  2. Beautiful photos, love the shadows, and is your cat staring down the bird feeder outside?


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