Monday, January 7, 2013

New year!

Well here it is! I feel a little like Eeyore! Just trying to get over the sickness that stole most of my Christmas! But here it is vacation is over. So nice to get back to school the children never fail to make me smile or laugh at myself mostly. We got about 6to 8 inches of snow the day after Christmas. It's still here. Oh how I do love snow. On new years eve we drove out to the lake and let go of  2012! We lit a few of our sky lanterns and let 2012 go, we watched as they floated out of site. It was snowing what a beautiful evening. I highly recommend the sky lanterns. At a dollar a piece you can't beat them. Fun for grown ups too. Then we took a few trips down the sledding hill that we were parked by. What fun. Yes gonna try for more fun in 2013!

And speaking of evening chores...... It is one of those things I dread and one of those things I love I dread going out into the cold but once suited up, and in the barn I love it. The animals are happy to see you ( because you have their dinner) and you are happy to see them. It's a good chance to just see how everyone is getting along. I must remind myself to call the ferrier soon. Well it appears this is all I'm able to get out today as the ol iPad is giving me fits so enjoy your evenings with or without chores.

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