Monday, September 24, 2012

Vintiques is open!

I should say was open! It was a fast and furious weekend! We some how pulled it off we opened the tiny little shop! I have lots of ideas about its future. I just hope I can keep some type of momentum for it! Because we are exhausted !

But what fun we had visiting with folks coming in the shop! And so much positive feed back from so many people we didn't even know!
So today is a day off . I must somehow catch up with all the housework that I have let go! The dinning room table full of clean laundry , and the mudroom floor full of dirty laundry!  Got the kitchen done first so I could make a cup of coffee first thing.
The bathroom was looking to much like a gas station bathroom for my comfort level got all the bedding washed and out on the line! It's such a pretty day today! Fall is defiantly here. I am loving it so much more then the summer seems like it was just to hot to do anything outside  except swim and then I would see all the wilting and dried up crunchy grass so it wasn't even worth going to the pool. But its over. We got over 2.60 inches of rain last Friday !
We had a wind storm on Saturday Will got all of the patio furniture fished out of the pool! So many things to look forward to! And I believe there is water in the creek again. So I will enjoy this second cup of coffee read a few blogs and get back to helping this house be ready for a new week.

Tomorrow at preschool we are taking a trip to a local orchard. It's one of my favorite field trips. The kids have fun too! So for now I will try to put up some pictures of the shop!

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