Saturday, September 8, 2012

Farm stay, Anne Sloan paint, flash sale!

So many irons in the fire right now. For a l o n g time now I've been working on an area of our  home to become a self contained cottage. When I bought this house so many years  ago, the area was a summer kitchen and a coal room. It is now 3 rooms kitchen, living/sleeping area, bathroom, and small sleeping loft. Many people have helped me with this project. Many times it has stalled. But my goal is to have it functional by the end of the year. It will be a farm stay. That's one of my dreams.
People from the city can come and get away with their families.

Also one of my dreams is to buy and sell vintage wares long before they became so popular as they are today. Maybe a spring and fall barn sale. Well I've collected so much "stuff " over the years it's time to get rid of some of it. That's the thing about having a barn, you get to fill it up. And I've just about manged that. Complete with a 1958 vintage tiny glaspar boat, waiting reno, a 1976 volkswagon bug, the love of my life. And a 1964 travel trailer!
Oh yeah and things that belong in the barn. Like the 1958 ford 8n tractor, grader, bushog, ect. And horses and llamas and a whole bunch of old cobwebby stuff I've collected over the years. It's time Will my partner has an old building in on main street of a very small town nearby. Across the street from an old building turned into an antiques mall. So they are having a festival street fair on the weekend of sept 21 so yep you guessed it we are having our first ever Hannah's creek vintiques flash sale. I've been busy cleaning and painting furniture for the sale. Yes I've even purchased a few items for resale here and there. Today we are going over to get the building ready to accept the items. The idea is if things sell well we may open a tiny shop of our own. We've been lots of places looking at these types of shops. None nearby though. 

So thats a lot of irons for me oh yeah and we bought a tiny little rental in the same town. Well be working on that too. Hope the farm stay gets done by dec 1. But not holding my breath!
Hope everyone is having a great week end!

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