Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy May Day!

Wow I can't believe it's may already so much going on.....not really sure what to talk about first . We have been really busy at vintiques getting the secret garden happening. Yesterday I worked on the hidden sidewalk from the other street entrance. By work I mean digging up years and years worth of weeds and dirt to discover a cement sidewalk and also a stone path. This sidewalk does not belong to me. There is an entire abandoned building that sits right next to ours. I am so trying to put lipstick on the pig with this one. Haha. Well it appears I can not add a picture today from my iPad so I guess I won't show you. Or my phone. So I will say goodbye for today and try to fix some of these difficulties soon. Yikes I am so technologically challenged!


  1. I read This old House 2 and always read the comments as well. so I discovered your blog and stories of your beautiful shop and farm and put you on my Bloglovin list and I am your first Follower!!! hurrah for me actually! Take care from Iowa

  2. Wow thank you so very very much! I love her blog! I love blogging and it's giving me fits because I am so technically challenged! Sometimes it won't even let me comment on her blog that I adore!


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