Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Waiting for Vintiques

Waiting is difficult. I have stuff ( merchandise) stashed everywhere! The plumbing is almost finished, heat and air done, drywall done, painting has started as we wait for the flooring to come in.
Will has done such an awesome job. I have list after list I need to do. And ideas. It's going to be late summer early fall before we open. Ugh it's so hard to keep my mind on anything here in the in between time. I will be ordering my retailers kit for the miss mustard seed milk paint line soon. It's all very exciting but soooo slooow. I know I should be doing a 100 things but it's hard to start a project knowing I will have to find storage 
for it because the shop isn't ready yet so I   wait. Both farm camps are over. I miss the kids. It's sooo hot and humid here. The flowers and gardens, pastures are doing well. We have had rain. But the heat is starting to wilt many things. Including me. So looking forward to creating things/spaces again. And visiting with terrific customers. I know this is the calm before the storm. Our annual trip to Maine is coming. It will arrive at about the time we will be ready to reopen the shop. Timing they say is everything. Trying to keep a relaxed mind and atmosphere.  Hoping you whoever that is... Has a peaceful end to your summer!

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