Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Ellie came to us  4 years ago. After we lost our Hannah , lucky as well as the rest of our family was grieving immensely. We went to the help shelter and Ellie found us and healed our hearts. She hid behind the couch till she felt safe to come out and love us. She was terrified of men. It took her a long long time to love Willie Mullins . To watch Ellie run was a thing of beauty. There's grey hound in there somewhere. We watched her fall the first time she ran all out. She had to learn the power of her legs. Being in a cage at the shelter for all of her 9 months then only on a leash. Then here on her farm to run free and wide open. Which she did often. But never far or without us. Because this was her farm and her people. She loved children and other animals. But she was a fierce hunter. She chased the horses. She was proud nothing or no other dog could out run her. She was luckys loyal friend and companion. Rarely would you find one without the other. She had her own bed but so carefully snuck into ours at night.  She finally did except will. And claimed him as her own. And then it was an all out love affair. Always there to greet him at the end of his day and always ready to take will for a walk so she could show off her running abilities. To him. She was very sensitive. If for what ever reason ( smelly dog) she had to spend the night on the porch... She would shun us the next day.  And we were very aware of it. Animals are a sure gift to us from God. Our whole farm is missing her today. Ellie had a special deer friend who showed up and around the farm this spring and all summer. I caught them playing several times this summer and just last week. Never saw anything like it. The unexplained sudden illness took us all in shock. And when moment came  to let her go as we held her I leaned down and whispered in her ear " run girl run"....

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