Thursday, March 10, 2016

Library done!

I can't tell you how good it looks and feels! I purged 4 shelves of books! 6 bins of crap. ( from the before picture top shelves ). Went through tons of paper stuff. Photos, cd, videos , rearranged my vintage suit case collection onto the shelves. Most are emptied of just junk and now 3 hold family photos. Tagged with what is inside. All drawers organized . All boxes gone through . Craft supplies organized. I didn't purchase a thing just using what I had. Now I even have more visual space in this somewhat heavy room. Dark woods, oriental rug, heavy desk,victrola, but now it does seem lighter. Moving on some items really helped and now the door to the upstairs can be fully opened! The purge continues . Now I just need to get items out of the dinning room. Out of the mudroom and into my car for good riddance to good will! Feeling successful over here today. 

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