Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Easter shoes!

Yes ! It's almost that time of year. Spring has come to the farm. Oh yeah I'm still in my muck boots around here. Cause it's the kind of boot sucking mud right now. Especially with days of drenching rain. 
But I'm dreaming of new spring shoes. As a young child there were always the white patent leather kind with the little strap. I think I probably got a pair for my girl too, at some point in her preschool years. Now I go for comfort and durability . Last night we drove into town for ice cream. Yeah I'd been working in the yard most of the day. Got my peas planted. Hurrah for me. Anyway on the way in will looked down at my feet and said " nice socks". I was wearing a pair of his long white tube socks. And my most comfy pair of slip on crocks. Easy to take off mud caked foot ware when running in and out of the house all day. And what a picture perfect spring day it was.

So like I was saying new spring Easter shoes. Nothing like a splurge here or there. On Sunday I had to have the vet out because nestle had-inhaled her food. So much so she was literally choking. $300, later she was fine and the vet was gone. Always nice to see him. ( that's sarcasm )especially on a Sunday or holiday. Any way back to the Easter shoes.
 Are they not lovely?? Custom fit! 
I can tell she is so proud of them!

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