Monday, August 13, 2012

Water feature

One of the reasons I bought this farm was that hannah's creek runs the entire length of the farm. It is a beautiful creek. Kids love to play and swim in it. the livestock drink from it. It's very peaceful to just sit and watch it. But this is the year of the drought. The creek at one point did dry up. Very sad fact. I've kept a close eye on it and the horse tanks. We have finally gotten some rain. I believe its too late for the corn crop this year as I am sure many of you know. Several years ago i added a few water features here. one in the front by the porch. it just an old piece of cement tile that was here on the farm. And a large copper bowl I purchased many years ago. I just put them together added some rocks, a very small pump, and water. The birds enjoy it. It's close to what used to be in other years, the butterfly garden. Water feature number two is my favorite. Its a tiny water garden/fish pond. Right out my back door. I can see and hear it from my bathroom and dinning room. Its a main feature of my patio. It has a liner and a larger water garden pump, a water fall, and the best I believe are a great rock collection from all over. Places Ive been to. Michigan, Maine, a nearby farmers field rock pile. I added a large piece of stone I found here on the farm. a kinda seat for little people to sit and put their feet in. In fact I got to do just that. This past summer our little Eli was here for a visit. It was one of those 105 days from hell. We stepped out the back door, and I got to show Eli the wonders of sitting with your feet in the water watching the fish and throwing pebbles! I added some water that we also learned how to drink from the hose. A good wet time was had by all.

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