Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I was standing in a beautiful coppersmiths shop in Maine . I was looking at the most beautiful weather vanes. They were so lovely what a luxury. So not a must have for my farm. Still I've been drawn to them for many many years. We left the shop. No purchase made. I had to ponder the thought. For I am a ponderer! We traveled up and down the coast that week. I saw so many weather vanes on all the lovely beach cottages. I saw a witch on a broom atop a cottage named "ruby slippers". It was my favorite! That would surely set my neighbors talking! But indeed I was drawn to the horses, the running horse one to be exact! It reminded me so much of Jarvis my 30 plus something horse I've had for over half his life. Hours before we left for the airport in Portland on a glorious rainy morning I said ok let's stop I'm gonna get the weather vane. It was a hard decision it wasn't a cheap souvenir from Maine. Yep it would be atop my barn forever! That was in June. Little did I know I would have to make the very hard decision to put jarvy down in less then a few months two weeks ago, Will and I had gone to the movies it was a stormy evening. When we got home first thing I saw was jarvy standing under the tree. Made me smile his mane turns almost white during the summer months. It had been an extremely hot and dry summer so far. Before I even got out of the car I noticed he wasn't steady on his feet. Terror stuck my heart at once I felt hot and sick. I went to him right away. He backed away from me almost like he couldn't see me. I thought he was going to fall into the creek. I ran to the house and called my vet, of course it was late I got the answering service. It was only a minute and he called me back. He was here in less then 20 minutes. I live maybe 30 min from his clinic. He did an exam jarvys heart rate was twice that of normal. We talked he was colicky . His age was a huge factor. He was in pain. In the 20 min it took for him to get here I was in prayer . I was holding jarvys head when he was given the injection . It was so very hard. My vet Lance and Will were the best not a lot of talk just facts and what needed to be done. I miss him every day, in fact I'm crying now just remembering him. The vet drove out the lane darkness would soon be upon us.
On the way back from closing the gate behind the vet, I looked up atop the barn there was the running horse. Jarvy is surely running with his pal kojack in lush green pastures in heaven.
His body is under the tree close to the barn. Not a day goes by that I don't see the weather vane and think of jarvy, and I know I made the right decision about him and the running horse weather vane.

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