Friday, May 18, 2018

Spring came finally and now summer

Hi friends, if anyone is reading this it’s me!
So life has a way of moving on. I’ve got an account on instagram Vintiques from Hannah’s creek.
I am so excited looks like we will get to have farmcamp again after taking last year off. Oh I do love it so.
Here’s what’s happening in my world
Trying to get caught up in a world of summer that came after only a 1 week of real spring.
Mowing,weeding, purging more and more. I got the garden shed empty! I don’t know what happened. Mother’s Day came the weather was good and I acted like a mad woman and went on a tare. Every thing came out, half went into the truck to go to the dump. I power washed the inside and fell into bed that night with the rest of the contents sitting out in the yard. In the morning I went at it again like a mad woman. Put things away mostly tools, chicken stuff watered etc. garden pots you know stuff, and more stuff. But it’s done after 20 years I have a real garden shed. I freaking love it. And I power washed half of the house. I was super exaughsted for a few days but pushed on to Finnish some gardens, weed, weed and weed some more.
We got the roof installed on the house.
I made a huge decision to sell my horse trailer that was just sitting and deteriorating. One of the Amish friends offers to buy it. SOLD! Now that I only have one horse. I let go of that part of my past where in would load up a horse and go for a ride by myself. I loved those days. But I haven’t done it in years and truth is I’ve lost my nerve and strength to do many things I once did.

I saw a vw bug for sale and went to look at it. It was not cheap. So I decided to find a vw guru and have mine fixed. She is there now as I write this waiting for my birthday at the end of the month I hope for me to go and get her. I purchased a new pool to replace the old one that has served me so well. They are coming soon to install it. I have to take the old one down.

The Airbnb is going so well at the guest cottage. It is really awesome to share the farm with travelers and their pets. Such great people I’ve been able to meet.
So I purchased a 23ft camper and I am renovating it to become the 2nd Airbnb here on the farm. In the back field by the creek. Maybe to be totally off grid if I can manage it.
If not I will have an amazing little space to travel with. I got it for a good price so it’s a win win.
The shop Vintiques..... oh the shop. I’ve done a show, had a huge sale at our community spring fling.i wanted to do a tea and have the secret garden one bought tickets. It’s ok it worked out better anyway. I had planned to many things back to back and just ran out of steam.

But life is good at the shop and I love it. I just need to have realized my limits earlier. Truth right there. It’s really true you get wiser as you get older. Takes some of us longer then others. Haha.

 And all this is really a deterrent from thinking and feeling my mom slipping away daily with her memory. Sad to say it. I have my parents over every week for dinner. And most weeks stop in here and there as does My daughter. But it’s just too hard sometimes to see the changes coming on and sometimes it’s just more then I want to deal with so I slip as I often have into my own safe world of denial and see only pleasant happy things in Sharon’s world. But this is reality and I know we all deal with our own real issues best we can as the come.

I hope if you are reading this your issues are small. And know this too is part of life. I am so glad to be here to live it! Enjoy it.

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  1. You life sounds like it is very full with lots of good things you enjoy! I am sorry about your Mother, that is so tough but I am sure your Dad appreciates all your support and I am positive she still feels your love. take care from Iowa


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