Monday, October 16, 2017

Hello friends!
Well I am HOME . It really feels good too. Starting to feel finally like myself again. After the China trip and then back too Maine I have to say it was all a great ride but this home girl is so happy to be home and snuggling with the pups and getting my nose back to the grindstone and giving my shop Vintiques some much needed loving. One day last week I spent the whole day in the kitchen preparing meals for a family member who is recovering from a surgery. It felt so good. I truly do love this old farmstead. Putting the house back to some kind of order feels really good too. Trying hard to not be overwhelmed by my to do list. With all the wonderful travel it's now time to pay the piper haha!

It seems fall is upon us. Over the summer we purchased another fixer upper. It really is little more then a shell at the moment. Another tiny one/two bedroom cottage. However it has the sweetest large lots of the whole village. I hope to utilize it to show off a little of our talents in putting together a nice place to live without breaking the bank. I will also try to utilize instagram a little more with this house.

We received great news a while back that we will be installing standing seam metal roofing on this old farmhouse in November. The silver insurance lining in the storm damage that brought down my huge old trees.

The airbnb is really a blessing and kept me afloat financially with Vintiques having a slow summer.
It seems time for Vintiques to step up and the airbnb to slow down a bit. I am so very thankful for both ventures. I'd love to show you more incredible pictures from China and Maine but that will have to wait..... till I can manage blogger better.
Thank you for reading this old blog if you are!

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