Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cable clutter!!

Yay! I got the cable clutter half way done! In the living room. Baby steps people baby steps! So an online friend recommended these cable covers. Ahhh. I love them. I need a few more to Finnish the job but I'm working on that too. We removed any cords we weren't using. And covered some, and relocated a few more. The router found a new home. Now I just need to tackle the tangle of cords behind the tv. I've purchased some tacky hooks to hang them in behind our stereo cabinet . But for now at least I have a plan. I also finished a piece of art work ( do more of what I love). Goals for 2016. I removed a large photograph to hang the new piece. And yes I had to paint the wall first. Have you ever read if you give a mouse a cookie???? Same principle. I started just wanting to clear clutter and ended up painting a wall. And I learned, that you can just paint one wall at a time. I've also-discovered these tiny I guess you could say slim paint rollers. Very neat and not heavy at all. Wish I had known about these before I gave myself tennis elbow from painting a room in one day! That was a different room back in the fall. Here are some pictures of the changes .
The library is next....

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