Thursday, May 21, 2015

Farm house master bedroom spring/summer!

Yes it's true, lucky and other family members are considered when placing furniture! Please note the attractive wood shims under the dresser feet! This is how we roll with old farmhouse floors! The mr has said he will cut some dowels soon to make it a little more unnoticeable ! Enjoy!

Just a ton of pictures! What I love most about this master bedroom are the windows ! I truly love to see photos of other farm house interiors. So here is a go at my own. I hope you enjoy. I just finished a little make over that made a huge impact. I swapped out my Swedish boutique dressers ( matching yellow) for these awesome antique dressers. Solid wood. They will be here forever because it almost killed us to get them up the narrow farmhouse steps, up and over the banister and down the narrow hall into the master bedroom!

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