Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Let's catch up!

Ok so here it is we are on the verge of October! So I have a new job. Our little preschool closed after 52 years. I miss it daily. But I am slowly adjusting  to my new position in the children's dept of our library. It's still just part time just the way I like it. 

Fall is arriving here on the farm. We finnally got the chicken coop done. And not a moment too soon. Nestle the money eating horse is doing very well. Her shoes continue to be more expensive then mine. 

We had the chance to do a historic home tour just outside of Indy, fun but I still love mine better. Always interesting to see where folks stick a bathroom where there was none. 

Our shop vintiques was open over the weekend and I did fairly well and sold quite a few pieces of furniture. Dropping the prices on a lot of stuff to get it out so we can do some work on the building and reopen with a different slant on things.

All in all things are going well in our little area of the map. I hope things are well with you too. 
Random pictures..,,

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